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Notadolce Professional sugar is the result of a careful production process that respects the quality of the raw materials.

Cat. I

(BB 1,2t, BB 1t, bulk, 25 kg bags)

Cat. II – High quality

(BB 1,2t, BB 1t, BB 0,5t, 50 kg and 25kg bags)

Cat. III – Extra fine

(BB 1,2t, BB 1t, 25 kg bag)


Fairtrade sugar is produced with full respect for the work of the farmers and the crops from which the raw materials come. A commitment certified by the international organization itself.

Cat. I

(BB 1,2t)

Cat. II

(BB 1,2t, BB 1t, 25 kg bag)


Sugar with this certification is produced sustainably and without Genetically Modified Organisms.

Cat. I

(BB 1,2t, bulk)

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