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White and brown Demerara cane sugar

Different formats, two types of sugar, the same quality that sets us apart: these are SRB’s Notadolce products for large-scale distribution.



Il Classico

Notadolce white sugar is made from select raw materials with a production process that guarantees its high quality.

1kg PACK

Traditional sweetness in the most classic format, the one that should never be lacking in the pantry.

SACHETS (500g, 1kg and loose packs)

Practical, hygienic and safe, they are the ideal format for eating out.



Demerara brown cane sugar from Notadolce is characterized by its even crystals and intense amber color.

FLOWPACK (500g and 1 kg pack)

Exotic-tasting sweetness in a convenient format to always have at home.

SACHETS (500g pack and loose)

All the quality of brown cane sugar, with the convenience of the sachet format.

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